Monday, April 12, 2010

Nevada Beach Pine

I was asked to make a large silk piece for the Lake Tahoe Community College's new library. It is a beautiful space with a great deal of light and wonderful spaces to relax, read and contemplate.

I was asked to create something reflecting our beautiful scenery. I chose to as my subject a pine bough image inspired by the Jeffery Pine trees nearby my home at Nevada Beach.
I was fortunate to have wonderful help from the library director, Lisa Foley, the art department's chair, Phyllis Schaffer, the head of the 3-D lab, Francis Rider and a great maintenance crew.

This piece is hand-dyed and hand-painted silk, quilted with monofilament thread and backed with scenery canvas.

Since it was to hang 15 feet above ground level, we needed special equipment:

It was a great experience, creating such a large piece. It measures 10' x 6'. Luckily I had a design wall that was 10' long. It was a huge challenge to dye and quilt such a large piece.


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  2. A huge WOW for the artistry and technical mastery of this piece, and for the installation itself!

  3. I hope this library knows how fortunate they are to have this hanging. What a huge accomplishment Paula, congratulations.

  4. This is really a masterpiece for everyone to enjoy. I hope you get some acclaim from the people in Tahoe!

  5. Congrats, Paula. I'll have to get up there and see it in person.