Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Images

Karen's husband, Ted, took much better photos so I'm borrowing a few. This view gives you an idea of how wonderfully our show flows. Eric Faulhaber, the coordinator & his staff did a great job of layout, lighting and hanging. 

Karen & I are posing with Eric. He and the board of Vision Gallery, should be commended in being one of the few venues that make a concerted effort to present and promote fiber art. 

This is a shot of the largest space, showing some of our first work. Vision Gallery also carries some incredible sculpture, ceramic, glass works and jewelry. The placement of these pieces really enhanced our work, matching color and often shape.

It is such an honor to have our debut at Chandler's Vision Gallery and so thrilling to see our work all together in a gallery setting. We hope it arouses interest in Chandler and surrounding areas and the fiber community.

Most of the shots were taken Friday morning but here's a shot taken during the reception.

I'll post more photos later in the week. I hope you get a chance to see it before it closes Oct. 26th. For those on the East Coast, we will be having a show in November at Gallery ArtTimes Two in Princeton, New Jersey. Here's some information about that show:

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