Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two New Works to be Shown

I've been working for months on 2 new pieces for my New York show. I had done a commission piece of an apricot rose and enjoyed working with that palette, so I created 2 more apricot roses. I had had a lot of silks dyed for that project, but found I needed even more!

Dyeing fabric is like having Christmas everyday. I am always so excited to wash out the silks. Because I want to keep the lovely sheen of the silks, I use vinegar instead of soda ash in the dyeing process. I also gently wash out the dye by hand after processing which can be very tedious (especially if they're dark violets!) and line dry. But it's all worth it when I see the marvelous color! And often I overdye many times, to get more complex, deeper color.

Here are my 2 newest pieces:


  1. Love the depth you are getting!

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  3. Paula--these just knock me out! I am thrilled for your recognition!. May this new market of collectors in NYC bring you many red dots...Congratulations!