Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And Finally The Last of Lotusland and My Humble Garden in Southern California

Lotusland continues to haunt me. I think I would like to show you a few more parting shots. This wonderful scene shows a tree native of Australia, I think it's a Bunya Bunya tree with such wonderful textures, and my favorite type of agaves.

This most interesting group of collections is that of the cycad. It is one of the largest and rarest of collections known. Lotusland is a seed repository and research center as well. Here are some examples of cones of a female plant:

It also has a large collection of dracaena. This dracaena is very old and rare. It's the largest one in their collection--you can get a sense of scale by Jack, a gentleman from Australia, and my aunt, Edeltraude, in our tour group.

And another photo showing the great size of this garden. Again, you can get a sense of the enormity of these magnificent aloes, by our tour group.

You can see the Santa Barbara hillside and again one of my favored plants, the agave, in the background here:

And last but almost least is my humble hillside garden (jungle really, of wild grapes, silver dollar eucalyptus, and scented geraniums) in Southern California:

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