Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two Pieces

Intimate Spaces

Last year I was invited to enter the Dinner at Eight group show, which traveled to two or three venues in the U.S. This was my entry. It's stitched with pearl cotton thread. I had showed it in an earlier post, too.

This year's theme was Exquisite Moment. I struggled with what that meant and how to portray that within the format of 24" x 60". I finally came to a decision of using nature--for nature is exquisite.  I chose a magnificent, ancient juniper that grows right next to Hwy 50 in Meyers, CA, a very small town near South Lake Tahoe. People drive by this magnificent tree and take little notice of it's grandeur and beauty.

As you can see, I'm partial to yellow/ green--and my very favorite color combination at this moment is yellow/green and blue/violet. It's painted with textile paint and will be quilted with monofilament thread.

Here's my submission, Ancient Juniper (this photo was taken prior to my quilting, sorry):

You can see this piece at the Long Beach Quilt Show this summer or Houston's show in the fall.

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