Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Experiment

I tried something new this week. I had wanted to experiment with transparency for sometime and thought I'd be using silk organza. But I found this heavy polyester coated vinyl screening and wanted to try it. I traced the image I wanted to stitch, an MRI of a woman, onto a film like Aquafilm, placed tissue paper under the film so I could see my stitching lines, and stitched, using my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen. It was slow going with the thread often getting wrapped around the bobbin case, but that was easily remedied.

I am stitching here with 3 threads, using the dual cone holders on the machine and one to the side. I'm really enjoying mixing the threads and creating new, more complex colors by combining threads through one needle.

After soaking the piece in water to dissolve the film, and hours of picking out the left over tissue paper, my experiment is finished. I'm looking forward to expanding--trying different materials and subjects.

This is a detail shot and below is the full piece. Unfortunately, I had intended to enter this piece into the
NorCal SAQA show at the Blue Line Gallery this summer, but I didn't realize the size restrictions (it's a little too long). Hopefully, it will make it to another venue, along with some other experiments.

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