Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Debuting Some of the New Collaborative Work

 Karen Rips , my friend & fellow fiber artist, and I have been collaborating on work we're entitling,  A View Within for the last few year. The body imaging we've chosen to represent are shown in representational and abstracted formats.

I  free motion embroidery the original body images using combinations of several threads, stitched through 1 needle, on hand-dyed silk, then heavily stitch the background with monofilament thread.

Karen abstracts the images, using many processes, including discharge, over painting, dyeing, shibori,  and/or printing along with distressing & shrinking the fabrics.  She heavily machine and hand stitches, using various kinds of threads.

Recently, we've been writing proposals for venues throughout the country.

We thought it might be interesting to also share with you some of our work, in case you haven't seen our blog, A View Within. So we'll be sharing with you every once in awhile our work.

This is part of our series, In Utero. It features the above MRI and sonograms watching the development of 2 children. Here are some more pieces of that series:

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